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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

teddy bear

Time to experiment with the brown Alpaca wool tops.
It's softer than the white, and felted well.

I needed to give my eyes a rest today !...so back to the ceramics, and  slipcasting, getting prepared for the spring fairs. Happy March !


  1. Another cutie Maggie - your stalls will be bulging with such a variety of stuff, you'll be able to host your own spring fair!

  2. Love the Teddy and Alpaca....arn't they the cutest animals ever ! I think their fiber works great if you like things hairy...as most animals are but it doesn't seen to pick up the detail as well and does take longer to get firm .

    Hope your enjoying the fiber therapy . Needle felting is the only thing that helped me quit smoking and I had been trying to do that for 20 years, so I can attest to it's soothing properties...(inspite of a bit of pain and blood lose .)

    Happy felting

  3. Just the right colour for a teddy bear! You're making a really good range of little creatures, all with their own personalities! xx

  4. Ah thanks Lu. I've just finished a grey mouse with red dungerees !
    Some very strange things are happening on this blog page. Not working right ! Will post on it again soon x