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Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Art of Survival

Firstly, with thanks to my friend, blog land is now a happier place to be. Cheers T.

And so to this ... about the art of survival...an oldie but a goodie...
I like the moral

Once upon a time...(yeah...that's right)...there lived an aged (and poor sighted)  farmer. His one and only helper was his trusted donkey. One day, this donkey fell down an old shaft. The farmer, distraught at losing his animal, was also upset by not being able to give it a proper burial;  and so decided to bury the donkey where it lay, at the bottom of the shaft. Over the days that followed, as the farmer walked by the shaft, he shovelled some dirt into it.
The donkey,  (not being dead, or such a silly ass after all,)  merely shook off the dirt as it fell on him; and stood on top of it. !
One lateral thinking donkey eh !


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  1. Great story. Hope blogland stays a happier place.