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Friday, 12 March 2010

Animal Inspirations and sculpture

I finally got around to testing the grey alpaca fleece. It needle felted well. The texture being similar to that of the brown.
The main challenge with this, was to get him to stand !  His tail helps; although it can't be seen on the photo. 

I then got to thinking about it being March, and one of my favourite animal species...the magical Hare.  

These two have been needle felted using the brown alpaca fleece.
Talk about 'non - verbal communication' !  I think the eyes say it all !


  1. Thet're great - has the one on the right been at the whiskey?

  2. Great mouse and bunnies...(I'm on a bunny kick right now too but it's been to gloomy in MN to take good pics) .

    I think the mouse shows a lot of personality with his paws stuffed in his pockets, adorable :)

    Happy felting and thanks for visiting my blog, nice to not be totally blogging into an abyss butknow a real person actually looks at it .