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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The art of patience

Life in blog land has not been without its stresses of late !

I have been known to spend hours upon hours getting a piece of silver to solder just right.  To make endless test pieces for testing glazes and firing times., and more recently...poked and rolled felt until it's the shape that I want. Practice. Practice. Practice.
However, when it comes to I. T. ..the word...blugger comes to mind !
Is that a word ?  It is now !

A dear friend is coming over to help me sort out my blog page. In the meantime....

When I was an  art / design student,  IT was part of the course. It was a module that I struggled with.
I can appreciate though,  the value of using the computer as aid to design (plus of course inspiration and networking)., but personally, I'd rather use images in clouds / shapes and colours in nature / the human form and non verbal communication in movement.

For those of you reading this in the UK, I really enjoyed a cultural evening in front of the television last week. David Dimbleby was talking about Robert. Hooke and his friendship with Sir Christopher Wren,.and how these two great men of science / architecture / art, worked together on the design for St. Pauls Cathedral.
I was fascinated by the patterns that were created under Hooke's microscope, of his frozen urine !...and his anatomical pen and ink drawings. (Hooke's life and works makes interesting reading.)

My memory went back to college days.... I.T and C.A.D.
These are two pictures that have been digitally manipulated. Originally created from a finger print. I appreciate them more now than I did in 2007.

It's funny old world, isn't it.
We, as humans don't always appreciate the lessons we learn 'in the now'. Sometimes we need to let time pass, and no lesson is ever wasted.
We 'get there when we arrive'.


  1. What a lovely post Maggie. An interesting concept that we don't always appreciate lessons at the time & that their relevance becomes apparent over time - I'll try and remeber that. Great fingerprint & love the word "blugger".

  2. Yes in the rush to get everything 'done' and finished, we can lose sight of the thread that links our experiences and makes us who we are, that's possibly a bit of a sideways tangent from exactly what you were saying but it's what came to my mind! xx

  3. Nowt wrong wiv a bit of lateral thinking girlie xx