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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


                                                      Ostara / Easter greetings everyone

Although I haven't posted any blogs for awhile; I've not been idle !
.....spurned by the brief spell of spring sunshine; I decided that it was time to do some spring cleaning  (on all three levels of being) mental, physical and spiritual.
Having got into the necessary mind-set, I set to work on my creative space; (you didn't really think I meant house-work, did you ?) !!.  Oh my gosh no, him indoors does that ! bless.
As any of us 'multi-media' artistic / creative folk appreciate...we collect a lot of 'stuff ' !
I consider myself very fortunate in having a fair sized utility room, where most of the work goes on. However, the garage is store for clay / glazes/ plaster molds etc., alongside plastic and glass containers of every size and shape imaginable. Saved for...just in case. Packaging material, pieces of driftwood, and oh, the list goes on !
The spare room is now home to all 'stuff' relating to art work / felting; and what was once my therapy / massage couch,  now serves as a flat working surface. Re-cycle / re-use !
Having had a good spring clean and tidy up...and retrieving the box labeled 'printing inks' , I did try out my lino cut, that my friend Tammy made for me. This image is one that I like best of all.
I must have twisted the lino cut slightly, and hence some interesting extra detail. ( no reflection on Tammy's craftsmanship, because I printed some absolutely perfect images.) Bit quirky. I like it.

Mad Hatter !....Day 1...well this photo was a 'work in progress'. The idea is to get it to this stage and then cut it into a spiral,. and reassemble it with whirls and swirls.  Ouch !  Feeling brave and sizzors in hand....I ended up with a strip of felt that resembled a spiraling mobile. Double ouch, ' cos I quite liked it as it was.

At this stage I forgot to take a photo, and lunch and tea !
No matter how I tried twisting, rolling, soft folding, pinning etc. etc.....It just wouldn't do what it showed on the picture.
Time to eat. Have a cuppa. Sleep on it !

  Day 2 ...Having stitched and needle felted the crown back together and cutting a flower shape (from what now was surplus to requirements) this was the final result.

And a note to end this post... Not having a  hat block at my disposal;,  it was back to the stash of plastic bowls, where I found just what I needed.
There is another hat in progress using some newly aquired Blue Faced Leicester carded with silk. Yummy. More on that next time. 


  1. Experimenting is the only way humans discover something new and it only occurs if they are strong enough to endure the things that don't work that happens along the way . (Or as some science guy once said...."those weren't failures, they taught me what didn't work which led me to what does ." )

    I think your very brave for even trying wet felting, I was scared of it for almost a year of seeing my first video of it .I think your hat looks nice both ways .

  2. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I sometimes stop short in my art work, afraid to spoil what I already have, but following the 'What if..' leads to far more lessons learned and a foundation to build on.

  3. I've been too frightened to try hats so I think you've done really well - and the finished result looks great - no-one will know you didn't intend it to be that way all along! xx Little chick lovely too - I wanted to do some for Easter but ran out of time!

  4. Thanks girls. I really do appreciate your feedback and moral support. Bless you x