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Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Here are just a few pics of my weekend in 'well dressing' country. Well dressing events are unique to Derbyshire.

Stanshope Hall and surrounding countryside.

....and the black cat who lives at the hall. ; who seems to manage just fine on 3 legs...ah bless.

 The craft fair was held in the village hall at Tissington. Too far away for me to travel home each day; so my friend Shirls and I made the most of a girlie weekend away. Very nice to. 

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Craft Fair and Exhibition days

Two busy weekends. The first at Atherstone fun day and the second at Elmesthorpe Art and Craft Exhibition.

This event was enjoyed by everyone; crafters and revellers. The sun shone, bands played, dogs showed, and I do believe the local pubs did a roaring trade !
St. Mary's Church was filled with a large selection of crafts, including brass rubbing and local spinners.

The second one was held at Elmesthorpe Village Hall and St. Mary's Church. (where history tells us that King Richard's men stayed over night before the Battle of Bosworth)


  Within the church there was this wonderful display of beautiful quilts

And Lyn's tatting ...

Sadly, my phone / camera battery went flat before I had managed to take pics of the display in the village hall (next door to the church)., or my own needle felted sculptures on display.; but never mind; and I did sell a couple of pieces.