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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fleeces and Spinning

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually want to have a go at spinning !
'Having a go', being the operative word !
Ummm !
The 'ladies wot spin' make it look so easy.!

These are the locks from the Lincolnshire Longwool. Considered amongst some spinners, to be not a 'beginners' fleece., and the staples are indeed  long !; but it does have a beautiful lustre.  It took me the best part of a day to separate the locks and wash them. They looked so pretty hanging out to dry; and the more they dried, the whiter they became. I'm not sure what I will create with them., but I have some projects in mind that involve felting and weaving.  


This is Portland fleece

And here it is after washing and drying. A huge white fluffy cloud of white fleece. Scrummy.

Washed and dried. Scrummy and fluffy

This does not wet felt easily. It needle felts though., and is one of the favourites among spinners.

  My first spun cord of Lincolnshire Longwool., spun on a drop spindle. I don't think I'll be knitting anything with it !  More practice needed me finks. 

first spinnings on the wheel
Not worrying about the destination, just enjoying the journey into this wonderful world of fibre art.


  1. Your comment at the end of your post is why I think I have enjoyed working with and learning about fibers. I have learned from others "journey" and have in turn created my own little journey! The wool looks lovely and I hope you share whatever creations you come up with! :)

  2. Bless you; and thank you for being a part of my journey x

  3. I'd never thought of getting raw fleece and washing it, it's certainly very fluffy afterwards. Oh to have more time to experiment! xx

  4. Carry on, it looks good, we call it texture.....! you'll probably need a good few metres more to make a hat. or you could felt the hat and knit a curly brim. how about that?

  5. Sounds like a cool idea !
    Couldn't have got this far without your help x