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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Show days and Groups

The month of June quickly became July; and with this month came show days, craft days and new groups.
Market Bosworth was the first show. I wasn't exhibiting. Unfortunately non of my photos turned out; but suffice to say that it was a lovely day. The weather was perfect, with a lovely summer breeze keeping us cool in the very warm sunshine.
The second  show was Ashby Country Fair. I had been working very hard for this event..'felting for England' !

This little chappie is my latest creation, and attracted lots of interest and smiles. 

I had been experiencing a real urge to create a large piece of felting. This wall hanging combines both wet and needle techniques.; and measures about the size of a standard pillow case. Sold at the show.

 My stall was situated in the craft marquee; opposite a group of ladies known as the Sheepwash Spinners. They put on a fabulous display (as pics below show, thanks to Maureen for a couple of these)  of hand dyed / spun yarns plus a wealth of goodies, enough to make one's mouth water !

I felt very proud when one of these ladies purchased my sheep wall hanging.
I also secured a commission on a second piece, on a similar vein. Work is in progress !
You can find out more about them and the Derbyshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers  here 

For those of you who don't know me ...I 'don't do' early mornings, so getting up very early, plus the excitement of  the day took its' toll !!  however I had recovered enough by the Tuesday to get back into the designing and making again ready for the shows booked in August.

This weekend I took a friend, who is visiting from California, to a local spinning group. It was a new experience for me also, and I must say that we had a fabulous day. Thank you girls for your warm welcome, lively conversation, hints and tips and yummy lunch. Hey, and thanks for helping me get to grips with using a drop spindle !

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  1. That wall piece with all the sheep is fantastic, with all their little faces! I'm so glad it sold and it sounds like you did well, your stall looks great! xx