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Monday, 23 August 2010

New Layout

Last weekend was a busy one.; and the final county show of the summer season for me. Designing and making for these shows was a challenge, but such fun, and I made lots of new friends, and returning customers.
I can now relax for a few weeks and re-charge my batteries. Not that I'll be any less creatively active of course !

There are so many techniques in textiles that I want to experiment with; and so the next couple of weeks I'm planning some real fun play time. My sketch book and scribbled down thoughts on design ideas is brimming over. 

One of those  'scribbled down thoughts' was about re-vamping my blog page.
So fellow bloggers...here it is.....


  1. Your new background is beautiful - is that your own artwork? If so I'm very curious as to how you managed to get it into Blogger! xx

  2. Cheers girlie. Glad you like it. Nah, not my art work ( although I did create something similar whilst in college). Mick found it in the new blogger templates I think