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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Enjoying the journey....

Cross patch, draw the latch,
Take up your wheel and spin.
Take a cup, and drink it up,
Then call your neighbours in.

Or so the old nursery rhyme goes.

There are many variations and suggestions of the use of words in this old rhyme. One school of thought is that she that worked alone, which often made her feel cross in doing a menial job for a pittance.
Another suggestion is that the 'cross patch' referred to the woman who would mend and make do with whatever materials were available at the time. The last two lines suggest a time of celebration with friends.

Time has changed; and with respect to the above...for the better.

The spinners and other craft people whom I've come into contact with are well respected and a cheerful bunch !

I  have quite recently discovered , (through researching our family tree ) that my ancestors were frame-smiths and frame-masters., living and working in the town where I now live myself.; right in the hub of the old stocking frame area.  Incredible !
More information has come to me that involves craftsmen in engraving, authors, teachers, artists, designer /makers;  and for those of you out there of a 'certain age', you may remember your bicycle saddle having the name of Brooks on it.
Ooo wer !

my first ball of hand-spun yarn

The small ball of single yarn was just enough to knit this simple cuff.

Enjoying the journey, and meeting lots of interesting folk; re-connecting with those from generations past and  those very much in the now.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is the gift,
That's why it's called the present.


  1. Today is a gift - how true. Great words of wisdom from a cartoon turtle - have you seen Kung Fu Panda? Words so good our pastor used them as a sermon illustration!!
    How interesting about your family - do you think they could have worked in the building that's now the museum? xx

  2. Cartoon turtle ? Kung Fu Panda ? I know nuffink...but perhaps I should investigate ! x

    My family may indeed have worked in that building; especially those involved with the knitting frames. The bicycle saddles were started in Stockwell Head; the family lived in the yard behind what is the Raliegh shop now.

  3. hi maggie, remember me - i was admiring your felting today at the ibstock country fair and just found your blog. very interesting, i must do one on crafts, i've got 2 on family history. would like to know more about the course you did as i would like to do something like that. i love textiles and making things and sell at craft fairs. i'll be at the melbourne festival 18th and 19th sept. thanks for your tips on nuno felting, can't wait to have a go ! regards Jill Tivey

  4. Thanks Jill. Yes of course I remember you. I'm going to check your blogs later, when I;ve caught my breath from the weekend !
    The course you refer to was HND 3d art / design. Full time at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. Although I studied at Nuneaton campus, they have now moved to Hinckley campus (If course is still running?) If I can help further..you are welcome to ring me /text or e.