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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Warp speed ahead

A new toy !
Well, not a toy really; but rather a very special piece of equipment. The Knitter's Loom.
Being a reluctant knitter,  I decided to explore the 'warp n weft ways' of weaving.
However I soon discovered that...the map is not the territory.; I wonder what discoveries lay ahead of me now traveling along 'Weaver Way'... and the map doesn't explain the new language either. Words like 'heddle', 'reed', 'sley', 'shed and counter shed' and abbreviations like dpi and wpi. !!
Just as I was getting my head around 'niddy- noddy's', 'rolag's', 'tpi's', 'length of staple', to name just a few...another set of words and explanations of tools, equipment and techniques, like road signs, loom ( no pun intended) before me.
My new rigid heddle knitter's loom, is however simplicity in itself; not just to warp up, but to weave a whole range of patterns and techniques. I'm keeping it very simple at this stage !

    The colours have not transferred very clearly; but the warp is dark green and the weft is my own hand-spun yarn; slub textured from Portland fleece. The inlays are hand dyed Lincoln LW locks.

The piece above was inspired by some logs laying on the recent blanket of snow. The warp is aran, the weft includes inlays of un- spun Hebredean roving.

The word 'roving'....does that mean 'to wander', go 'walk about' ?
And 'spinning'...does that conjure up visions of turning ones body furiously round and round ?. ..

Sharing laughter in the chip shop....
Last week....picture this..I'm in the chip shop and the young assistant asked me if I'd had a good day. I replied with a yes thank you, and that I had indeed had a very productive fun filled day. He further enquired what I'd been doing.
"Spinning", I replied.
"Swimming", he questioned.
"No, spinning", I answered.
"What ?, as in exercises and dance", he further questioned.
"NO", I laughed, "Spinning yarn".
"Oh", he exclaimed, "You tell stories ?".
"No", I answered, (I was in hysterics at this point)..."I spin yarn from sheep fleece"
His jaw was almost down to his chest at this point of the conversation, and as he said "Wow", and wrapped up my fish supper, added."That sounds fab. I didn't know that people still did that kind of thing" !!

Ah bless. Yes we do eh.       
As he handed me my supper, he asked if I would be spinning that evening.
I replied with a giggle,  "No, not this evening because I've got some 'sleying' to do."
I noticed the inquisitive look in his eye, so quickly added " Don't worry, this kind of sleying has nothing to do with what you 're probably imagining !.

Beam me up Scotty.

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  1. Oh gosh your weavings are absolutely gorgeous Maggie- get you! Pat Gow would be sooooo proud of you!