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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

                                                          The Story of The Rose

Sun : A Seed.; vibrant in its completeness, solid in its identity and purpose, all knowing and all being, yet restless.  So the seed takes on nutrients and water, and seeks to go beyond its shell.
Moon : The seed sends out tendrils, both up and down. Down to consolidate roots, and up to explore posible futures. A little green shoot breaks the surface.
Mercury : The shoot accelerates into rapid skyward growth, the adolescence of the plant.
Venus : The bud forms at the top of the plant, with the protective leaves revealing just the first sign of the luscious leaves inside.
Mars : The rose explodes into a fiery, vibrant, pungent ball of sensation.
Jupiter : The flower expands, and becomes overly showy.
Saturn : The rose loses its petals, naturally or through pruning.
Chiron : The plant knows that in one way it is dying, so prepares for metamorphosis.
Uranus : The rose bush crumbles into winter.
Neptune : The body of the plant dissolves into dust.
Pluto : Somewhere the seed lives on, burying itself in the dark until the return and light of next year's sun; and the whole cycle starting again.
Wonderful thing, nature.

Author unknown

 I first read the following when it was pinned on the wall at college. I have been searching for it ever since. Then last week it popped into my e mail in-box via an artist friend who lives on the other side of the world !
She had no idea that I had searched for it for years.

As in all things truly worthwhile in life;  love is an art; sketched and painted atop a canvas of mutual respect. Such foundation allows only for the occasional brush stroke to cover a mixed message or misunderstanding, and thus avoiding the use of a paint roller. Take life and love one day at a time, valuing all things with such an openness as to provide not only the proper balance, but to allow for proper action when needed.   

Author unknown

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