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Sunday, 14 February 2010

needle felting

Adding / joining limbs is very simple.

Sorry that I don't have a diagram to follow, but with reference to teddy...hope this helps... 
Set pieces out i.e....leg / body / leg.... placing and mark with pin or pen.
Use dental floss if possible. A long needle...a sharp doll needle if possible. (The teddies are so small that I managed with a long sewing needle )...YEP...I made another one today !
Start on inside of leg,( leaving a long spare of thread / flossing hanging, for knotting later) and pass needle to outside of leg; then go back to inside of leg, a 'milliwotsit' from where needle went in.
Push needle right thru body ( using your pin/ pen marks as a guide).
Continue thru inside of second leg...to outside... then the tiny 'milliwotsit' stitch back to inside of leg.
You should now be back to where the long spare thread/flossing is hanging.
Pull both threads /dental floss until limbs feel firm and then tie a firm knot. 

I find the most difficult aspect of making matching  twos of anything is the need to get them the same size ! So I worked the legs / arms /ears together.

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  1. Thanks for this - it's possibly easier to do than it sounds but I'm definitely leaving it to the experts for the moment- well done for doing something so clever, and you're so right about matching things - none of my needlefelted birds came out anywhere near the same size so it's very good advice to do things that need to be similar in twos! xx