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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Needle felted Hummingbird

Here's a project that I wanted to share; It took me hours and hours and hours !..but having never done 3d needle felting before; I was quite chuffed with the final outcome. Due to not having much green wool....I used a bit of 'artistic license'...colour pink !...and some blue...then some purple. I didn't have any brown wool, so blended some black with very dark maroon.  The exercise was good practice for shaping / layering and blending. The finished piece measures 6ins approx. 


  1. This has come out so well - I love the colours - whatever they were meant to be originally doesn't matter, and they've blended really well in the wings! Needle felting's quite addictive isn't it and it's amazing how quickly time passes while you're concentrating on it all! xzx

  2. Bless you.
    Max cat thought all his Christmases had come at once..Hummingbird...Ummm..So I told him to his whiskers straight..he'd have to be content with his pound shop version ! xx

  3. Well done Maggie, it's turned out really well. Does this mean we can anticipate more great things in the felting line?

  4. thanks Tammy. Increasing the felting line ? YEP most probably !x