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Friday, 1 April 2011

Australian Diary part 2

The three cameleers
Led by cameleer Rebecca, and cameleer Jason riding shotgun, we head off for an hours trek through the forest. The Bibullum trail is one of the most ancient. One used by the Aboriginies for centuries past.

Coogie Beach. The temperatures reached 105deg that day. !!

Night falls
And the next day a storm was brewing...
And after a brief heavy shower of rain, with thunder and lightening...
The storm passed...

How far to London ? The sign reads over 15,000km !!

And of course, no Australian diary and collection of photos would be complete without this little feller eh !

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  1. Mumma xx Lovely to read, gosh you learnt so much while you were here. Wonderful priceless pictures they are perfect, just like when you taught us how to chop foods....slowly.The blog update has been written with love & care.....thankyou xxxxxxx lu